Sunday, May 26, 2013

{Spring Threads}...Wedding Edition Part One

Spring is coming to a close, which means that wedding season is in full swing. Almost every weekend I see limos, veils, and tulle turning around the corner. As we all begin to attend the busiest season of love, here are some of my favorite looks for every sort of venue. Our first type of wedding is the relaxed evening ceremony. Perhaps it takes place on the beach, in a beautiful garden, or in a church. Either way, sticking with a simple, but bold dress is a great decision.

If you somewhat mimic the setting sun in this purple maxi, you'll look great without distracting. Plus, you'll look wonderful in those candid pictures we (kind of) dread!

Let the stars and setting sun set your earrings a glow with glittery gems.

For spring events, I kind of love gold nail polish. It's glamorous and still sophisticated

A bright pink lip is all you need for your spring smile to bloom.

A natural woven clutch is perfect for a relaxed, polished look when toting along all your necessities. 

If you're outside and in a maxi, stick with a great flat sandal. Dancing will also be much more enjoyable. 

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