Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do You Write Thank You Notes?

In the age of email, Facebook families, Twitter conversations, and the ever-convenient iMessage, do you still take the time to send out hand-written thank you notes? Even as a little girl, my mom taught me that when someone gives you a gift, does something nice for you, or deserves some heartfelt gratitude, you send a thank you card. To this day, I have a stock pile of pretty blank cards that I can use for thank you notes. (These sweet sparkly ones are actually my moms!) It's quite easy to send a quick text message "thx" (yuck!), or to send someone a little GIF, but it's just not the same. I still get giddy when I see I have post in the mail box! It means a lot to people in this era to write a thank you. 

Plus, stationery is cool! There are so many great paper companies to support in an increasingly paperless world, and I have to think that's pretty awesome. 

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  1. I love getting an old fashioned thank you note. Double points if it's hand written (people try and type them out these days, it's just not the same ;)! I have my graduation open house coming up soon so thank you notes and I will be best buds for a couple of weeks!


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