Thursday, May 30, 2013


Do you dream? So often I would wake in the morning with vivid stories from that night: magical travels with vibrant characters and perplexing places; mixed up realities that made you question the one to which you awoke; dreams I watched but did not act. 

And very rarely did I have nightmares. I just dreamed. 

Recently, though, I find I dream very little. Or at least I don't remember my dreams. I remember asking my mom when I was a child if she remembered her dreams for the night before as I told my crazy tales, and she often said that she couldn't recall any for the life of her. I'm wondering if as we age, our dreams are either less vivid, or less important to us? I believe I dream at night. Every once in awhile I wake up with something amazing, or I remember just one bit of information: the mint green cell phone, the singing library card, the multiplying scones at breakfast. 

I'm a firm believe in the idea that our dreams sort out our everyday lives. My mom used to call it a midnight filling system, where everything that happened that day was finally processed and sorted into our mental filling cabinets. Mine must be overflowing! 

I would like to remember more of my dreams–wouldn't it feel brilliant to say, "Oh, this idea came to me in a dream..."? Perhaps I could keep a dream journal. Do you remember your dreams? Do you value your dreams or think they're just a symptom of eating before bedtime?

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