Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Work Friends

Ultimate work friends.

When I come home over the summer and vacations I also return to my hometown job. I get to see all my work friends, and we chat away about how the last few months have been. But I rarely hang with these friends outside the workplace; we don't text while I'm away, nor do we make any efforts to truly stay in touch.

Recently, our managers organized a "team bowling night" to ignite the get-to-know-you vibe in all of us. We were told to not talk about work ––at all!

Example: I know who is good at what at work, I know everyone's name, I know the songs on our playlist they love and which they hate. But I don't know them exactly.

As of a few weeks ago I decided to buckle down and be "real friends" with some of my "work friends," which has been a delight! I get to ask them great stuff when I go into work, keeping our job light. Yeah, we deal with our tasks, but we also get to chat about life, family, upcoming plans. It's a blast to get to know your co-workers in a new light.

I'm curious? Do you hang with friends outside of work? If you were to sit down with them, would you immediately talk about work, or would you both talk about your personal lives? 

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