Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Letters: John + Abigail Adams

Last week we read the love letters of John Keats and Fanny Brawne, and they are unbearable dear. This week we look at one of the truest real relationships: John and Abigail Adams (portrayed beautifully in the HBO miniseries) have a correspondence that can only be described as common-sensical. Their love is obvious, not flowery, not extravagant. They speak of health, average daily routines. In some ways the opposite of Keats and Brawne, their relationship just works.

Abigail writes to John:
My wishes for your Health and happiness and my anxiety to hear from you are an old Story. Should I tender you my warmest affections, they are of a date, almost with my first knowledge of you, and near coeval with myexistance, yet not the less valuable I hope to a Heart that know now a change, but is unalterably the treasure of its ever affectionate...
They are practical; they are honest. It is a simple, pure relationship that seems to stand the test of time, Declarations and civil unrest, and many miles. Beautiful, is it not?

More of their letters can be enjoyed here.

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